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Join Mason Hillel as we welcome a new Rabbi each week to discuss Judaism, Jewish Law, and life. Coffee and Donuts will be served.

This is a recurring event, so check our Facebook page for dates and times!


Jonathan Nizar Elkhoury is the Minorities Coordinator for the organization Reservists on Duty (Rod) in Israel. He is the son of a former South Lebanon Army (SLA) officer who fled to Israel along with his mother and brother in 2001 after his father was forced to leave Lebanon after Israel’s withdrawal in May 2000.

Jonathan is the former spokesman for the Christian Empowerment Council. He writes and gives talks about the situation of Christians and minorities in Israel to various audiences.

Ali Adi- Israeli Arab, from Tel Aviv. Adi has a B.A. in economy and cinema studies from Tel Aviv University. He participated in Hoshen- an education and information center for the LGBTQ community in Israel. Adi participated in political and philosophical forums over the last decade, sharing his perspective on Israeli matters.

Come and learn about the Minorities in Israel and ask our speakers all about it!

Tuesday, March 5th, 6 PM, Research Hall Room 163 

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