Meet our Israel Fellow – Shir Hasson

Shalom Mason friends,

My name is Shir Hasson and I’m the new Hillel Israel fellow!

I’m super excited to get to know you and share with you my love for Israel.

A little bit about myself:

I’m 25 years old and the firstborn child to my parents. I have a little sister and a little brother. I was born in Jerusalem, though for the past 12 years I’ve been living in Mevasseret-Zion which is 15 minutes from Jerusalem.

As all Israelis, I served in the military, working as a public relations officer in the Israeli Air Force. After three amazing years, I was discharged and began studies for my undergraduate degree in business management- human resources at Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Along with my studies, I also worked in the Ministry of Justice and in a homeland defense company.

Until my arrival in the US, I was serving as a reserve officer in a combined unit of the American & Israeli armies in the field of Air Defense.

In my free time, I love to read, play the piano and travel, and to spend time with my new husband Elad. I also have a super cute golden retriever named Pish- which I had to leave in Israel L. My favorite food is pizza, I love watching “Friends” over and over, and most importantly, I just can’t stand the color orange (seriously, you will never see me eat \ wear anything orange- try me).

I decided to be an Israel fellow because I feel that I have a lot to share from my personal experience as an Israeli, and that I have a story that is easy to relate to. I was always interested in getting to know the world Jewish community, especially the American one, which is the second biggest Jewish community in the world. Also, I’m very interested and amazed to learn how Israel is perceived by American students, both Jews and non-Jews.

GMU has so much potential for building collaboration and partnerships, and I’m excited to work with you all to have real influence on campus.

I can’t wait to be a part of the Mason Hillel community and to share the next two years with you all!



– Shir