Welcome to Mason Hillel, the Jewish home for students at George Mason University. Established in 1995, Jewish life at GMU has grown and flourished. Our Hillel supports more than 120 students every year, offering social, political, religious, cultural and educational programs – all intended to help students access Jewish life and community on their own terms. Mason Hillel student leaders have the opportunity to gain leadership, engagement, and community-organizing skills through our Hillel that benefit them in their roles on campus, in finding employment, and in life long endeavors after they graduate.


Our vision is that every Jewish student makes an enduring commitment to Jewish life, and our primary goal is to significantly increase the number of Jewish students who have meaningful Jewish experiences.


Serving the Jewish educational, religious, cultural, recreational, communal, social and emotional needs of Jewish students attending GMU, and supporting the GMU Jewish campus community, in the following ways:

1. Fostering and supporting a dynamic visible Jewish presence and nurturing a sense of Jewish community at GMU.

2. Providing opportunities for Jewish students to meet, mingle and identify with one another through social, religious and educational experiences that promote Jewish identity.

3. Creating, developing, and supporting opportunities for Jewish participation and learning across the entire spectrum of Jewish life.

4. Strengthening the identification of the GMU Jewish community with the larger Jewish community globally, nationally, and locally, including with the State of Israel.

5. Providing opportunities, training, and experiences for Jewish students to become leaders in the larger Jewish community.

6. Engaging Jewish students not affiliated with the organized Jewish community and creating opportunities for them to explore their own Jewishness.

7. Advocating the interests and concerns of the GMU Jewish community to the GMU administration, often in cooperation with Jewish community organizations and other campus groups.

8. Educating the greater campus community about Jewish culture, including advocating religious tolerance, supporting Israel, opposing anti-Semitism, and promoting awareness of Jewish holidays, via providing information, pursuing contacts and events with non-Jewish groups, and participating in student governance.