“Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First, we make our choices. Then our choices make us.” – Anne Frank


Dear Mason Hillel students and friends

From the moment we are born we make choices; what to eat, when to sleep, which sports team to follow, to ask someone on a date and more. Some choices are random and some can deeply affect our lives. One of them is choosing your college, and more importantly- choosing Jewish life in college. I want to reassure you; you made the right decision by joining our wonderful Jewish community here at Mason Hillel.

In our family, you would find friends for life, Jewish connection and education like never before, and a place you can always feel like home. You can join us for our delicious Kosher Shabbat Dinners, fun and interactive holiday programs, Jewish learning classes, leadership training, pro-Israeli events and a summer trip to Israel.

Mason Hillel, is a student-driven organization, that allows you to create your own Jewish identity, and build your own Jewish home away from home. Our staff and volunteers are here to support you.

It is your choice to embrace Jewish life with Mason Hillel. We are here for any choice to follow.


Na’ama Gold

Executive Director

Mason Hillel

Where Jewish Patriots find a home.